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Miss Abigail has a collection of over 1,000 classic advice books, spanning from 1822 to 1978 and covering a variety of topics, from love and romance to etiquette and charm. The collection sparked the idea for this site, then a book, Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage, which has inspired an Off-Broadway production of the same name!


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1922: A Love for Beautiful Things

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Here’s another sort of love described: a love for beautiful things! Let’s read what Mabel Hale, in her 1922 book Beautiful Girlhood, had to say in a chapter which focuses on “A Few Faults Discussed”:

Another fault is an inordinate love for pretty things. I say “inordinate,” for there is a proper appreciation for those things that are beautiful that is allowable in every one. But she who has too great a love for these things sets great value upon their possession. Pride and vanity follow close in the wake of a love for personal adornment. Money that should go for more necessary things is given for things beautiful. The girl becomes dissatisfied with the home and surroundings as she finds them, developing a deep dislike for what should be dear to her, all because they do not meet her ideal of beauty.

Such a girl needs to learn to look well to the good that is about her. Where love is, real beauty can be found. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy, satisfied heart. If your love for pretty things so fills your heart that you can not see the good that loving hands and hearts would bring to you, then you need to give serious attention to that which is obstructing your vision.