Reviews and News

The following websites, press outlets and miscellaneous good folks have said just lovely things about me over the years, and I am ever so grateful! Some of them are actually still out there, amazingly enough, online. Some are not archived and have since disappeared (ah, the fleeting Web). For others, I was able to find archived copies courtesy my friends at the Internet Archive (

Interview: Abbie Grotke of Miss Abigail’s Time-Warp Romance Advice
The Nervous Breakdown
April 23, 2012

Inside the Queens Studio: Meet Miss Abigail
Casserole Queens
November 13, 2010

Jan Brady Doles out Retro Dating Advice in Off-Broadway Play
October 5, 2010

‘Miss Abigail’ moving off-Broadway by Jay Handelman
Sarasota Herald Tribune
September 24, 2010

Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage has plenty advice for Theatergoers
St. Petersburg Times
June 10, 2010

A Blogger’s Musings Inspire New Show by Jay Handelman
Sarasota Herald Tribune
June 6, 2010

Appearance on Playboy Radio, “Afternoon Advice” show hosted by Tiffany Granath
January 12, 2007

Fort Myers News Press
Gulf Coasting/Weekender section (booksigning in Sanibel was a featured pick)
February 24, 2006

Appearance on Steve West and Gorty Baldwin’s radio show
WKVT (Brattleboro, VT)
August 15, 2006

Recent mentions in calendar sections of the Buffalo News, New Bedford Standard-Times, and the Fall River Herald News (promoting book signings)
August 2006

Calendar Spotlight: Miss Abigail
Art Voice (Buffalo, NY)
August 10, 2006

Appearance on the Dr. Laura Berman radio show
Week of July 30, 2006

“Dating Game Hits New Level” by Diane La Rue
Citizen (Auburn, NY)
June 11, 2006

“Auburn’s Grotke publishes first Miss Abigail Book”
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY)
April 30, 2006
(page 22)

Interview about “first impressions” with Open Grove
Impression Audio Magazine
April 2006

The Express: Today’s Top Spots (mention of book party!)
(publication of the Washington Post)
April 11, 2006
(page 14)

“Advice for the Ages”
Julie’s Tacky Treasures
March 2006

Appearance on Marco McClean’s “written-word radio show”
KMFB in Mendocino County, California
March 17, 2006

“Takoma Park Author Recycles Old Advice for Modern Times”
The Gazette (Takoma Park edition)
March 15, 2006

“Valentine’s Day Book Selection”
February 13, 2006

“2004 top sites on the internet”
The Vancouver Sun Vancouver, B.C.
May 29, 2004
(page C8)

Hey, check it out, I’m a “Mover and Shaker” in the library world!
Thanks to my day job, I was named this by Library Journal on March 15, 2004

“Need help? Here’s some advice,” by Leslie Kane, The Record: Bergen County, N.J.
July 20, 2003 (page 5)

AT&T WorldNet Service Fun Clicks
March 2002

“Dear Miss Abigail,” by Sharyn Lonsdale, Sarasota Herald Tribune
February 12, 2002
(online and in print, cover of Florida West section)
[online resource no longer available]

“Cupid Surfing,” by Jim Regan, The Christian Science Monitor
February 11, 2002

GWBlitz! Weird Wide Web
January 14, 2002

e L i n k: EarthLink Weekly Email Newsletter: Weird Web
December 26, 2001
[online resource no longer available]

“Past Mistress,” by Kate Muir, London Times Magazine (pg 1)
(pg 2) (pg 3)
September 1, 2001
(in print, page 72-73, to introduce new weekly column to the magazine’s readers)

PC Review column: Fraser’s Razor by Ian Fraser
August 2001

USA Today Web Guide: Funny Site
July 18, 2001

Newsweek, “Cyberscope” column: Surf Report
May 28, 2001 (in print only, page 14)

“Girl Power,” by Susan Whitall, The Detroit News (
May 22, 2001

“I’m dancing naked in my Ugg boots as fast as I can,” by Carina Chocano,
May 7, 2001

“On the Net, advice is cheap and plentiful,” by Chris Kridler, Florida Today
April 25, 2001

“Honey, I need a shrink,” by Anita Bora,
April 16, 2001

American Libraries: The Magazine of the American Library Association
News Fronts/Quick Takes: “Go Ask Abigail”
April 2001 (only in print, p. 32)

Yahoo! Internet Life, Lifestyle & Community: “Relationships: Advice Columns”
April 2001 ( in print, p. 121)

Internet News with Charles Bowen: Ask Miss Abigail
March 26, 2001
(“broadcast on hundreds of radio stations worldwide”)

Appearance on Voice of America News
February 10-11, 2001
(broadcast worldwide and over the Internet)

The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter, Issue 128
February 8, 2001

“The Net: New & Notable,” by Sam Vincent Meddis in USA Today
February 8, 2001 (in print ~ Life Section, page 3D ~ and briefly online)

USA Today Hot Site
January 30, 2001

“Dated Advice on Dating,” by Sacha Cohen in the Washington Post
January 26, 2001
(in print ~ Business Section, p. H6 ~ and online)

NetLife Magazine
September/October 2000 issue, page 59
(in print and online) [this mag appears to have disappeared into cyberspace land]’s “30 Days on the Internet”, one of the Top Ten Sex and Relationship Websites
September 8, 2000
August 21, 2000

“NDL Scanner Has Private Online Persona,” by Adrianne Nash
The Gazette (Library of Congress Staff Paper), Volume 11, No. 28 July 28, 2000

Appearance on The Ron and Fez Show
WNEW in New York City and WJFK in Washington, D.C.
May 22, 2000

Appearance on Marco McClean’s “written-word radio show”
KMFB in Mendocino County, California
May 19, 2000
April 28, 2000’s History Desk Web Cites: “Mind Your Ps and Qs”
April 26, 2000 [long gone from Web, it appears]’s Web Watch: Best Bets on the Net
April 20, 2000 Site of the Day
April 3, 2000

Hotsite for the Net Talk Live! article “Online Advice,” by co-host Georgia Foy
March 2000

Featured Article: “Time Warp Advice,” by Kelly Love Johnson,
March 1, 2000’s Daily Diversions: Today’s Link
February 16, 2000

Jann Malone in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Love is much easier to feel than define”
February 13, 2000 (in print and online)

Grouse! Site of the Day
December 3, 1999

Yahoo! Internet Life, Lifestyle & Community: “Relationships: Advice Columns”
November 1999 (in print, p. 200)

Webshots Cool Site of the Day
October 29, 1999

Starting Page Top 2000 Selection
October 6, 1999

Netsurfer Digest, Vol. 05, Issue 31
Surfing Sites: “How Not to Choke Ignominiously at the Dinner Table”

October 2, 1999

Ireland Online Today: Pick of the Day
September 20, 1999

Vegas Lounge’s “The Passenger: Up to your World Wide Waist with Geoff Carter” column
September 8, 1999

The Washington Times: “Good Manners Still Matter In All Walks of Life, Books Say” by Jennifer Harper
June 15, 1999 (online and in print – Nation, p. A10)
An excerpt: “Coureous behaviour is a mainstay in cyberspace as well, which boasts hundreds of Web sites devoted to the cause. . . .The cyber-queen of it all, perhaps, is Miss Abigail.”

The Baltimore Sun: “Advice Takes a Step Back In Time”
June 1, 1999 (online and in print – Sun Journal, p. 2A)

The Washington Post: Surfing column
February 18, 1999 (online and in print – Style Section, p. C4)

Dummies Daily Web After Five Tip of the Day
February 18, 1999 [No longer on Web]

Britannica Site of the Day
February 17, 1999
[Ah, the days of Britannica Site of the Day are no more]

Project Cool Sighting
February 6, 1999

Planet Amazon Site Pageant Diamond Tiara Award
January 20, 1999 [site taken down as of May 2000]

Cool Site of the Day
January 1, 1999

Dummies Daily Searching the Web Tip of the Day
November 12, 1998
[No longer around]

MSN Women’s Channel: “Today” Section Featured Link
October 28, 1998
[Long gone, I’m afraid]

The Toronto Sun’s Cool Site
October 21, 1998

MSN Women’s Channel: “Relationships” Section Featured Link
October 14 and November 4, 1998
[MSN Woman’s Channel, a thing of the past]

PC Computing Web Site of the Day
October 7, 1998

The Australian News I.T. “Sites” Column
September 29, 1998
[this is too old to be found on their site, these days]

Arizona Central Weekly Picks
September 21, 1998
[can’t be found, alas]

Jann Malone in the Richmond Times-Dispatch
September 18, 1998 (in print and online)

WorldVillage Family Site of the Day
September 18, 1998
[this was around for awhile, but is now gone]

The Houston Chronicle’s What’s Online
September 17, 1998 (registration required)

Minister of Information “Site to See”
September 11, 1998
[might be somewhere in their archives, but hard to tell]

Phreaky Phriday Phun Linx
September 11, 1998

USA Today’s Tech Hot Sites
Weekend Edition, September 11-13, 1998

Yahoo! Internet Life’s Coolest of the Cool
Week of September 9, 1998

Yahoo!’s Picks of the Week
September 7, 1998

The Daily’s A-list: Best of the Web
September 4-6, 1998

Westy’s Roadside Attractions
June 1998

Web-Star Six Pack To Go
May 10, 1998
[not quite the direct archive link, but it shows what Six Pack To Go was at the time]