Coming out of the Woodwork: Should We Follow the Leader?

I’ve decided to come out of semi-retirement, which is otherwise known as “I’ve been too lazy to update my website and social media channels” (at least for the time being) because the state of our dear United States of America has been so distressing to me. If you spend any time on Twitter, which I unfortunately do too much of, or reading the news, everyone seems to have not only lost their minds, but lost their manners. Civility has gone the wayside as people scream at each other to get their point across, no matter how that makes our neighbors and friends and fellow humans, no matter their political persuasions.

The¬†only way I could think about fighting off some of the negativity around me was to turn to my classic advice books for inspiration to get us through these difficult times. While the advice is from a “simpler time,” these words can also still have relevance. And since no one wants to read much anymore (are any of you even still with me?), I’ve abandoned my usual style to quote a long passage here in a blog post to find shorter snippets that are more easily shareable on ye olde social media. Cause ya know, all the kids are doing it.

Here’s the first:


So look for these in the future, and I swear, all of the quotes are ACTUALLY TRUE and come from my vast collection of classic advice books. I may edit them down slightly to make them more succinct, but will use ellipses when I do so so it is clear. If you would like to see the full quote contact me, or dig up the original book for some additional fun!