place a man under your feminine powerSo much can be learned from the dedications of books. I quote Mr. Lelord Kordel, author of this selection (from Lady, Be Loved):

I do not believe that the American woman is as desirable as she can be, although I will grant that she excels the women of other nations in almost all points of outward attractiveness. Yet, the American sweetheart, and the American wife, does not make the most of her sex possibilities for happiness in marriage. And so I dedicate this book to the American woman . . . lovely as she is, supremely desirable as she can become.

Upon reading this small excerpt, however, I believe that Mr. Kordel was actually using this book to rant and rave about a specific woman who obviously annoyed the heck out of him, rather than the “American woman.” But I guess we’ll never know. . . .

1953: Daintiness

There is a feminine charm which goes beyond mere cleanliness ~ it is daintiness. Or, if you prefer, femininity.

A buxom lass in overalls, with a mannish haircut, rolling a cigarette and handling sacks of fertilizer may be scrupulously scrubbed and as clean as a freshly bathed infant. But is she dainty? Is she “feminine”? Definitely not. Why? Because she does not appear to masculine eyes as a woman. To a man, the word “woman” conjures up the vision of a feminine body, soft and fragrant.

Let me go on record right at this point that men do not desire masculine women. Does an effeminate, powdered, rouged, delicately scented man appeal to the woman in you? You may feel an urge to mother him, or to be a sister to him, but he does not appeal to you as a mate. There is no better way for me to describe how a masculine woman affects a man than to say that the appeal is similar; he may think that such a woman is a “heck of a swell fellow,” or a “darn good sport,” but she does not arouse the male in him to desire her!

And while on this subject, let me remind some of you that ultra-smart, mannish suits and hats, plus “slicked back” hairdos, may make other women think you are the last word in fashion. But the man in your life ~ or the man you would like in your life ~ would much prefer you in something soft and clinging, preferably in color with dainty touches of white or other light colors here and there ~ and with your hair soft and fluffy around your face. Oh, I know that perhaps there are some men who claim to admire the ultra-smart woman who imitates masculine attire to the nth degree. But mostly they are men who either have an interest in designing and selling such attire to women, or who are afraid to “speak out in meeting” to voice their true opinions about their preference in woman’s clothes.

So if there is a special date coming up, or a sentimental anniversary to celebrate, for the sake of your sex appeal, do not go out and buy that severely mannish-cut outfit which will cost a fractional part of the national debt, and do not have the hairdresser pull your hair atop your head in a small imitation of an atom-bomb cloud.

Remember that soft, revealing lines, dainty colors and curls are what place a man under your feminine power! These are things which help make him desire you.

Source: Kordel, Lelord. Lady, Be Loved!. Cleveland, Ohio: World Publishing Company, 1953.
~ pp. 48-49 ~