Velcro ~ The New Scrunchie!

glitter and froufrouQ Dear Miss Abigail:

Is putting Velcro in your hair safe, or can it lead to brain damage?


A Dear Pink:

Brain damage? I doubt it, but you might want to consult your doctor about that issue. What I can address is the question of whether or not yours is a proper fashion statement. While the following from Dorothea Zack Hanle’s Hairdo Handbook doesn’t mention Velcro, it does suggest that you can be creative with whatever you put in your hair. I must confess I’m having a hard time picturing how the Velcro is being used, but I’m sure it’s lovely.

1964: Finishing Tricks with Hair Ornaments

Glitter and froufrou, jewels and baubles, everything from simple little flat bows to elaborate tiaras abound on the counters wherever hairdoing accessories are sold. The prettiest hairstyle in the world can often be that much more exciting and lovely with a little ‘top dressing.’ And for the party-bound coif, a touch of added glamour, a bit of fun, a dash of sparkle is almost a fashionable ‘must.’

Hair ornaments may be bought or made by your own hands at home. There’s an etiquette to wearing them too. Jewels, sequined and glittery ornaments are strictly ‘after-five’ dressing. For daytime – at the office, at school – the flat bow, tailored headband, or simple gold barrette is acceptable. Artificial or real flowers are best for special-occasion evening wear – with a few exceptions: at the beach, for outdoor afternoon parties, patio or terrace luncheons. Feathers, tiny plumes, circlets of gold leaves – these also belong in the dressier, after-five realm.

Source: Hanle, Dorothea Zack. The Hairdo Handbook. New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1964.
~ p. 199 ~