What Do You Want? Bigger Boobs! When Do You Want Them? Now!

nothing to be ashamed ofQ Dear Miss Abigail:

How do I make my boobs look bigger without padding?


A Dear Razzy:

Ever heard of Judy Blume and that little book she wrote about a girl named Margaret? The one my friends and I practically memorized? No? Well, never mind. We’ll have to settle for the following tips about our friend The Bosom. They’re from¬†McCall’s Guide to Teen-Age Beauty and Glamour, which written by Betsy Keiffer in 1958.

1959: Bosom ~ Too Much or Too Little

If you have a problem in this department, the chances are that it’s neither so grave nor so permanent as you think it is. For one thing, your proportions are still changing, and what seems like an opera star’s endowment today may be in perfect proportion with the rest of you by the time you’re in your twenties. And what strikes you as a calamitously flat chest still has time to develop more becoming contours. But in either case there are ways to make yourself happier about your looks in the meantime.

If you think your bosom is too large, and you are not generally overweight, clever camouflage is your best ally. Your bra is an essential ingredient of this. Shop in a store that has a wide selection, enlist the help of a salesgirl ~ because they know more about this problem than you do ~ and find a well-designed bra that really fits and supports. Remember that your clothes, too, make a world of difference in the total effect. Stay away from tight sweaters, extravagant collars or necklines, and blouses or dresses made of nubby materials or such clinging fabrics as jersey. Full skirts and waists not too tightly belted will help you look well proportioned. Another point: avoid the sort of hairdo that adds to a top-heavy effect. Keep your hair medium length, simple and sleek. And please, please, don’t hunch over. You have nothing to hide.

If your problem is just the opposite, a bit of padding in your bra, otherwise known as a ‘falsie,’ is nothing to be ashamed of. But do choose both bra and pad (some bras come with built-in padding) carefully. Make sure you’re comfortable and look natural. Experiment with clothes until you find a cut ~ often a bias top ~ that accents your bosom becomingly. For casual wear, stick to blouses or bulky sweaters instead of skin-tight pull-overs.

Naturally, if you look flat-chested because you’re too thin, it’s only sensible to try to put on some weight. And exercises, though there are none which will develop the breasts themselves, can strengthen the muscles that support them and help you avoid a caved-in look. My final plea: don’t waste money on so-called ‘developing’ creams or lotions. The one that really works has yet to be developed.

Source: Keiffer, Betsy.¬†McCall’s Guide to Teen-Age Beauty and Glamour. New York: Pyramid Books,1959.
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