Merry Christmas!

[Sorry for the delayed post, I tried to put this up Christmas eve but blogger wasn’t cooperating, arg]

I picked up a few books at a used bookshop on the Eastern shore of Maryland in early December, and thought I would share a little from two of them on this lovely Christmas Eve.

The image [well, I tried to post it here but am having trouble with Blogger. Click here for the image] is from the 1936 Health by Doing, and the text below is a game from a 1928 book titled Hygiene and Health. So if you’re feeling a little bored tonight after dinner, have a little fun with this game!

Night Before Christmas

The players form in a circle and each is given the name of something connected with the story of Santa Claus, as sled, chimney, bells, mittens, fur coat, stockings, candy, etc. One player is chosen to be “it” and stands in the center while he tells a Christmas story in which he uses now and then the words given the players as names. Whenever he mentions the name of any of these things the one who has this name must turn completely around. If Santa Claus is mentioned, all players must turn around. If the one who is “it” can tag any player before he has turned around, the one tagged must be “it” and go on with the story. The game may be made more difficult by having the players sit.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!