1923: Snow Man

I live near Washington, D.C., where we are preparing for Snowpocalypse II: The Revenge!!, so I thought I would dig up some snow activities for those of us who may be spending a lot of time at home, bored, this weekend. I have a number of game and recreation books for kids, and found this fun one in a book called Four Hundred Games for School, Home, and Playground, which was written in 1923 by Ethel F. Acker.

Oh, and just because this is written for children, doesn’t mean you grownups can’t play too!

Snow Man

This game affords an opportunity for legitimate snowball throwing. Any number of children may play. Two goals some distance apart are chosen. The two opposite boundaries of the playground may furnish these goals. One child is chosen to be the snow man. With a good supply of snowballs, he stations himself at a point halfway between the goals. All the other children are stationed at one of the goals. Then the snow man calls out, “Who’s afraid of a snow man?” If the children hesitate at all about running, he calls out again, “Oh, you’re afraid of the snow man! You’re afraid!” At that all must run to the opposite goal and the snow man proceeds to hit as many as he can before they reach the goal. Any who are hit must take a place beside the snow man and make balls. Those reaching goal safely without being hit, wait there until again addressed by the snow man; then they run again to the opposite goal, and again the snow man snowballs them. The last child to be hit between goals becomes the snow man for the next game. No one hit on goal is counted out, but no one may stay on goal after the snow man calls the last sentence. As will readily be seen, this game requires a wide as well as a rather long running space.