The Hullabaloo Discothèque Dance Book: Table Talk

The Hullabaloo TV series, which was on air before I was born, published a handy book in 1966 titled the Hullabaloo Discothèque Dance Book. The book’s introduction leads its readers into the exciting world of this newfangled, European craze that had recently hit the USA: Discothèque Dances. Described as “the term to describe all the places, chic and otherwise, where you can dance to recorded music.” The book is filled with instructions and photos to help guide the reader learn such popular dances such as “The Frug,” “The Hitchhiker,” “The Swim,” “The Monkey,” “The Boston Monkey,” The Slop,” The Buzzard,” and more.

I thought you might be a little tired from all that pie and turkey eating this week, and not up to too many crazy antics this weekend (like learning the “The Jerk,” so I bring you one that you can do while sitting around the table or on the couch. “Table Talk” is a bit complicated, but I think you’ll pick it up quickly. Enjoy! (Sorry I cut off the 13 & 14 numbers when scanning!)

Table Talk p1Table Talk p2Table Talk p3Table Talk p4Table Talk p5