Keeping Well

go out to play each dayThis one goes out to my brother Chris, who’s been feeling a bit under the weather this week. It’s just a little reminder of how we all need to take care of ourselves, pulled from Here We Go, a book written for second graders in 1955 as a part of the “Health Action Series.” Feel better, Zippiter!

1955: Keeping Well

You need to be ready for cold, rainy days.

Stay at home when you have a cold.

Stay in bed.

When you have a cold, use a handkerchief to keep cold germs away from others.

Others can get cold germs from you.

Wash your hands before you eat.

Wash food before you eat it.

Keeping clean will help you stay well.

It is not good to do one thing for too long a time.

You need to go out to play each day.

You need rest if you want to stay well.

You need rest after work and play.

If you use your own things you do not give your germs to others.

By taking care to keep clean we can stay well.

Source: Wilcox, Charlotte E. and Edith S. McCall. Here We Go: Health Action Series. Chicago: Beckley-Cardy Company, 1955
~ p. 56 ~