Overdoing Things

it is a folly and a sinPlease forgive me for presenting such a brief selection, but I’ve been awfully busy lately. This one is from Gladys Cox’s book titled Youth, Sex, and Life, I hope you ennnnjoyy iiit $)kdlj0J)djfo940zzzzzzzzzzz………

1946: Overdoing Things

There are degrees in overdoing things. If you faint at the end of some effort, or if you feel an overpowering desire for a doze, it must strike you that you have gone somewhat beyond your limit; but there are less obvious indications ~ slowing-up, a loss of ‘heart’ in the game, irritability, lassitude which is not healthy (and rather luxurious) tiredness, tiredness which lasts over the following day ~ all these are signs of excessive exertion. It may be that you are undertaking something which is beyond your strength; or it may be that your condition is not what it might be; or you may just have carried on too long.

Naturally, you will go ‘all out’ when you are committed to any sort of contest. There is something admirable ~ morally ~ in continuing to go all out when you are feeling ‘all in’; but physically it is a folly and a sin. You will be wise; therefore, to watch yourself and to make sure that whatever you undertake is well within your powers, and that you are trained up to a proper pitch for it.

Source: Cox, Gladys M. Youth, Sex, and Life. London: George Newnes Limited, 1946.
~ pp. 94-95 ~