Home Economics Assignments

write a paperYour assignment today is from¬†Introduction to Home Economics,written by Lita Bane and Mildred R. Chapin of the University of Illinois. If you can find a copy of Bane and Chapin’s book, you may find the answers. Otherwise, you’re on your own!

1945: Home Economics Assignments


1. Write a brief history of the Home Economics Movement in your section of the country ~ East, South, Middle West, or West.


1. Which institutions of higher learning first offered home economics courses in your state? In your section of the country?

2. List the names of at least three women who have been leaders in home economics in your state or region. Indicate briefly the contributions each has made.

3. Name five men who have been associated with the home economics movement. What contributions has each made to the profession?


1. Select the subject-matter field in which you are most interested (clothing, textiles, foods, nutrition, housing, institution management, etc.) and write a paper about the opportunities in that field, indicating the types of work available, nature of the work, training required, etc.


1. What positions are held by home economists in the community in which you live?

2. Are there any positions which might be held by a home economist that do not as yet require such training? List specific examples in your community.

Source: Bane, Lita and Mildred R. Chapin. Introduction to Home Economics. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1945.
~ pp. 179, 226 ~