How Did We Ever Get Along Without Cellophane Tape?

it will hold firmlyI was all set to do a meaningful commentary on taxes and budgeting, given the upcoming deadline that all of my American readers know only too well. But since I’d do anything to avoid that topic, I picked this excerpt to share with you instead. It’s from Good Housekeeping’s The Better Way: A Unique, Money-Saving Handbook for Homemakers. Perhaps it can still be useful ~ I think tax forms count as “top priority letters.”

1959: How Did We Ever Get Along Without Cellophane Tape?

How, indeed? With it, did you know that you can:

STOP CRACKED PLASTER. Next time you hammer a nail in the plaster to hang a picture, first apply a small cross patch of cellophane tape over the spot to prevent the plaster from cracking.

KEEP DUST FROM PICTURES. Don’t let dust seep into your framed pictures; seal the back of the frame to the mat with a strip of cellophane tape.

PREVENT SCRATCHES. Run a strip of tape on bottom of knickknacks to save furniture from scratches.

THUMBTACKS IN HARD-TO-GET-AT-PLACES. Wrap cellophane tape around your forefinger, sticky side out. Then stick the head of the thumbtack against the tape, and it will hold firmly while you get it into that hard-to-get-at place with just one finger.

SNAG-FREE CURTAIN ROD. One way to get freshly laundered curtains back on the rod without snagging is to run a strip of tape over the end of the rod.

EMERGENCY REPAIRS FOR TORN SHOWER CURTAINS. While you shop for new shower curtains, you can easily mend the torn ones by placing cellophane tape over the tear on the side away from the water.

TOP PRIORITY LETTERS. Double seal important and confidential letters with a strip of cellophane tape.

REINFORCE LOOSE-LEAF PAGES. Run a strip of cellophane tape down the entire length of the paper where the ring holes are punched. Repunch the holes.

OVERLOADED ENVELOPES. To seal an envelope with a heavier enclosure than usual, use cellophane tape.

LABELS. Label drawers, folders, and canned goods by writing on a slip of paper and sealing it down with cellophane tape.

MEND MONEY. Torn checks and currency can be mended with cellophane tape.

TRAIN AND HOLD VINES. Use cellophane tape to hold climbing house plants to an indoor ‘trellis.’

EXTRACT JUICE FROM FRUIT. Any time you want to extract a few drops of orange or lemon juice from the fruit, pierce skin with a sharp knife, squeeze out what you want, wipe skin dry, then seal split with tape.

NEW RECIPE. So you won’t misplace it, fasten the recipe on the inside of your cupboard door with tape and don’t remove it until you’ve tried it out.

Source: Good Housekeeping. The Better Way. New York: Popular Library, 1959.
~ pp. 14-16 ~