The Vacuum Cleaner

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1941: The Vacuum Cleaner

A. Use.

1. Adjust the nozzle to rug or floor unless adjustment is automatic. To test for correct adjustment, place the cleaner on the rug with the handle in operating position. Turn on the motor. The rug should be lifted to the nozzle by suction and held there firmly. When an agitator type cleaner is used, the carpet or rug will vibrate if the nozzle is properly adjusted. This vibration can be felt if one’s hand is placed on the carpet just in front of the nozzle.

2. Operate the cleaner slowly in a straight line, lengthwise of the rug. Go over each section at least twice to remove embedded dirt and grit.

3. Keep the cord out of the way, releasing only the length actually required, to avoid tangling with lamp cords, etc., and possible damage to the cleaner cord itself.

4. Familiarize yourself with the attachments and their uses. Once you discover how easy it is to attach them and how many tasks they make easy, there wil be no danger of their becoming a poor investment through lack of use.

B. Care.

1. Pick up pins, hairpins, tacks and any small sharp objects before using the vacuum cleaner. They may cut the belt of a motor-driven brush or agitator cleaner, or they may puncture the dust bag.

2. Empty the dust bag after each use (suction action is lessened by dirt in the bag). Shake the dirt into a deep waste basket lined with a paper bag, to avoid scattering dust. Every three months, turn the dust bag inside out, after emptying it, and brush the inside thoroughly. Never wash the bag because this destroys the dust-proof finish. Certain manufacturers provide disposable paper liners for the dust bag. These are emptied after each use, and disposed of when worn. Five liners constitute a year’s supply. They protect the cloth bag and do away with the necessity for cleaning it.

3. Remove the revolving cylinder and brushes, from a motor-driven brush cleaner once a week. Remove all threads and hairs.

4. Wind the cord loosely to avoid damaging the fine wires inside. Replace worn cords immediately. Turn off the current before pulling out the plug, or contacts may be burned.

5. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for lubrication of motor-driven brush or agitator cleaners. Overlubrication is as harmful to the motor as lack of lubrication.

6. Replace the belt and brush of motor-driven brush or agitator cleaners before they are badly worn.

7. Dust the motor housing and handle after each use.

8. Keep all attachments clean.

Source: New York Herald Tribune Home Institute, compiler. America’s Housekeeping Book. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1941.
~ pp.131-32 ~