1956: Framework for your Lingerie Trousseau

Last time I introduced you to the concept of the lingerie trousseau, and promised more details from Marguerite Bentley’s Wedding Etiquette Complete. Her entry on this special trousseau continues below. This should help brides-to-be (or others just trying to stock up) plan their shopping lists.

I have compiled a sort of framework for your lingerie trousseau that may serve as a reminder from which you may choose in making your ultimate selections. There is enough here for any bride; too much for you perhaps, or not enough for you if you are to live on a grander scale that requires more garments because of frequent trips, deferred laundering, and other reasons. But here it is for your inspection ~ and do not forget nylon with its quick drying quality!

Lingerie Trousseau

Bridal Set ~ “best”
Negligee ~ lace-trimmed
Bed jacket to match
Slip to match
Panty or step-in to match

“Second-best” sets
3 lace-trimmed or somewhat fancy nightgowns
3 slips to match
3 step-ins to match

Tailored sets
3-6 tailored nightgowns, or pajamas
3-6 slips to match
3-6 step-ins to match, or short, close-fitting panties of glove silk

Miscellaneous Suggestions
Tailored crepe robe ~ also nice for traveling
Quilted robe or woolen housecoat for winter
1 negligee ~ soft, dainty type
Bed jacket
Tea or hostess gown ~ not a “must,” but nice to own
2-3 pairs of mules or bedroom slippers
2 daytime girdles or foundation garments
2 sport girdles
1 evening girdle
2 evening slips
6 daytime brassieres
3 evening brassieres
6-12 pairs of day stockings ~ the same shade for economy
6 pairs of sheer stockings for late afternoon and evening

Monograms are always as much of an addition to lingerie as they are to linen. Have them embroidered on your sets if you can afford this.

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  1. I love the idea of having three different sorts of nightwear. And of changing my stockings in the late afternoon.

    It strikes me that this list doesn't include very many pairs of daytime knickers!

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