Kissing is Fun

that affection which they needQ Dear Miss Abigail:

How do I know if he’s serious about me or just kissing me for fun? He has not expressed his feelings in words.


A Dear Carina:

Ever heard of “petting”? No, I’m not talking about your dog or cat. You know ~ making out, snogging ~ whatever kids these days are calling it. If he’s not displaying affection in any way other than a hot-and-heavy petting session than I think you know what the answer is.

1956: What is Petting?

Petting is love-making between members of the opposite sex. It produces sexual excitement. The ways of petting are many. Any combination of kissing, caressing and bodily nearness is commonly called petting. . .

One might think people pet because they are deeply in love. In reality, there are many other reasons boys and girls make petting a part of their dates. Some think petting is an expected part of dating, and they are afraid of being different ~ afraid of not doing the expected thing. Some young people receive very little love from their own family, so petting offers that affection which they need and want, sometimes unconsciously. Boys and girls who have gotten into the habit of petting from some former dating experiences, feel it is the only pattern for dating behavior. Some young people have found the sexual excitement of petting so tempting that they have become absolutely irresponsible and play at petting as a game ~ a game to be played with any partner available.

Source: Narramore, Clyde M. Life and Love: A Christian View of Sex. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Zondervan Publishing House, 1956.
~ p. 41 ~