Putting on the Moves

I like the looks of your houseQ Dear Miss Abigail:

I like this man, but he keeps putting, you know, the “moves” on me. For example, when we are together in front of the folks he will grab my butt or say, “Got any fries with that shake?” Is he like other guys? Or have I found a diamond in the rough?

Konfused Kelly

A Dear Konfused:

This guy’s a diamond? Unless I’m confused, I have a feeling your man is more like a piece of coal. Here’s some advice that might help you sort things out. It was written by Gladys Denny Shultz, in her book called It’s Time You Knew, and she seems quite familiar with the type of chap you are currently involved with. Please read it, then repeat after me: “I am woman, hear me roar!”

1955: “Hot Spots” Girls May Find Themselves In

A certain number of boys, the kind called ‘wolves,’ have no interest in a girl aside from getting sexual favors from her. These boys are emotionally disturbed chaps. Something has happened to them in childhood that makes it impossible for them to love someone else unselfishly. They are usually pretty egotistical. It pleases their vanity to make a conquest of one girl after another, and this and the sexual thrills they get are all they care about. After they have succeeded in overcoming a girl’s scruples, they lose interest in her and start pursuing some other girl.

So a chap who tries to ‘sell you a line’ might be an average decent boy who is ‘trying you out,’ or he might be the kind of male with whom no girl can get emotionally involved without regretting it. I would be sorry indeed if any girl who reads this book were to get involved with the second kind!

The thing to get firmly in your mind, so that you haven’t the slightest doubt about it, is that no male in this world except your husband, when the time comes for you to marry, has any right to handle your body intimately. Some males may give you the idea that girls and women were made for the sex pleasure of any boy or man who comes along. In fact, some males today even carry it to a point of giving the impression that they actually do a girl a favor when they suggest such a thing!

Nothing could be more absurd than this. Your body is your and yours alone. This is true of your lips, of every part of you. If someone were to say to you, ‘I like the looks of your house, therefore I have a right to move in and take possession of it,’ you would see very clearly how outrageously false the reasoning was, and what a dope you would be to let the person get away with it. The reasoning is just as false when applied to your own person. You have the same right to resent an intrusion on what is even more sacred than a home ~ your body.

Source: Shultz, Gladys Denny. It’s Time You Knew. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1955.
~ pp. 196-97 ~