Where Do Babies Come From?

their favorite ways of showing loveQ Dear Miss Abigail:

Where do babies come from?


A Dear Sam:

“The medical facts in this book were checked by Dr. Charles Birdsall…” reads the editor’s foreward to Wonderfully Made. So this little excerpt must be trustworthy, right? The book is one of six in the Concodia Sex Education Series aimed at students in grades four through six. Those poor, confused children!

1967: Married Love

One of the sperm from the father’s body must find and join an egg in the mother’s body before a new person can be conceived, or start to grow. Here the love of parents comes into the story. In an act of love the father puts the sperm into the mother’s body.

Married people show their love in many different ways. Kisses and hugs are among these ways. They also help each other. They share happy times and sad ones. They enjoy just being together. Your parents have their favorite ways of showing love for each other.

At times the love between two married people makes them want to be alone and very close together in an act called sexual intercourse. In this act, sperm leave the father’s body and enter the mother’s. One of the sperm may unite with an egg cell. The egg cell is then fertilized and begins to grow into a new human being. This is one of God’s ways of continuing His creation today. He uses the love of husband and wife to carry on the human race.

A new life doesn’t start each time a man and woman have intercourse. An egg cell is in one of the Fallopian tubes only a few days each month, and only then can a baby be conceived. Since it is through intercourse that a baby can begin, God wants only a husband and his wife to make love in this way. Husbands and wives have promised to live together always and to make a home for their children. They as parents will take care of the babies born to them.

This, then, is the story of how your life began. You may have heard the old tale of how the stork brings babies. It wasn’t the stork who brought you. The truth is that your parents’ love brought you to life.

Source: Hummel, Ruth. Wonderfully Made. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1967.
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