To Live Without Sex

don't let me become bitterQ Dear Miss Abigail:

The prospects for men are not good in my life ~ I fear I’ll ever have sex again. How does a woman in my situation cope?


A Dear Flo:

With such a horrific situation like yours, it only seems appropriate to refer to the writings of a housewife who carried on conversations with God about “just about anything a woman thinks about during her day in the home or at work.” Lucky for you, she likes to share these prayers. Now repeat after me…

1969: To Live Without Sex

If I must live without sex, Lord, help me do so gracefully. Don’t let me become bitter and resentful, blaming you, the world, or anyone else.

Instead of self-pity, give me the strength and the cheerful acceptance that comes from self-respect.

Above all, give me the understanding; the wisdom to sort out complexities of this common human condition. It’s so easy to confuse what the body thinks it needs and wants with what the mind and the world dictate. Protect me from this confusion, Lord, don’t let me be misled.

Help me to remember, Lord, that many people endure afflictions and deprivations far worse. And that a great many people live happy, purposeful, inspiring lives that are devoid of sex.

Give me their secrets of acceptance, give me their grace.

If I am to live without sex, Lord, allow me to express and use this great force you have given me for some significant end.

Source: Marjorie Holmes, I’ve Got to Talk to Somebody, God. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., 1969.
~ pp. 48-49 ~