Building a New Disposition

lead pure livesThis one seems appropriate to start out the new year. It’s from Vivilore: The Pathway to Mental and Physical Perfection, which was written in 1904 by Mary Ries Melendy. I wonder if folks one hundred years ago resolved to do this or that around December 31st?

1904: Building a New Disposition

I. Never look on the dark side of anything. If it has no bright side, don’t look at it at all. Look at something else.

II. Never speak or even think ill of another. Don’t “jump at conclusions” by judging unfavorably even if circumstances are suspicious.

III. Never take any desired favor for granted. If you follow this rule you should never need fear being cheated or disappointed.

IV. Try to find something good in every person you meet.

V. Read good books, think good thoughts, lead pure lives, observing the laws of health.

These habits once formed become literal brain-paths along which it grows easier and easier for the thoughts to travel, bringing gladness, health and symmetry to every nerve and tissue. In countless cases such results have been achieved.

Source: Melendy, Dr. Mary Ries. Vivilore: The Pathway to Mental and Physical Perfection. Chicago: W. R. Vansant, 1904.
~ p. 83 ~