Worry-Monger Identifier

irritable, fretful, and fussyA little worry is not harmful, as author David Seabury reminds us in the preface to How to Worry Successfully: “It is only when apprehension is ruled by nervous anxiety, and imagination distorted by fear, that worry injures us.” And that’s why I’m worried ~ it sure seems like people are just freaking out these days. Here’s a little reminder to help identify the unhealthy worriers out there.

1936: Worry-Monger Identifier

Never accept advice from one who:

  1. Always sees the gloomy side of things.
  2. Is a gossip, a critic, or a chiseler.
  3. Is timid, dependent, or parasitical.
  4. Is indolent or self-indulgent.
  5. Is arrogant, fanatical, or obstinate.
  6. Is complaining and full of self-pity.
  7. Is one who becomes conveniently sick.
  8. Is reckless or irresponsible.
  9. Is censorious and eager to point out sin in others.
  10. Is irritable, fretful, and fussy.
  11. Is angry, envious, or jealous.
  12. Is hypersensitive and painfully good.
  13. Is always anxious to give his opinions.
  14. Is conventionally platitudinous and sentimental.
  15. Shows any inclination to revenge.

Source: Seabury, David. How to Worry Successfully. New York: Blue Ribbon Books, Inc., 1936.
~ pp. 182-83 ~