A tribute to Frieda

This week, I lost a wonderful friend, my dog of 9 years, Frieda. In the early days of MissAbigail.com, she was the one who would force me to take a break from the computer to take her for a long walk on Capitol Hill, or present me a loud squeak toy to interrupt my typing. She was the dog that sat on people’s heads (don’t ask), the dog who would wake me up by pawing the alarm clock and staring at me, the dog that begged with silly chewbacca sounds, the dog who had an opinion on which direction our walks took us, and the one who liked to plop down in the cool waters of Sligo Creek, for a rest. She’s the one that everyone adored.

She was the best terrier mutt a girl could have, and I miss her so. I’m betting she’s chasing squirrels, begging for treats, and getting some belly rubs in the doggy afterlife. She’d insist upon it. So long, friend.

2 thoughts to “A tribute to Frieda”

  1. Frieda was very special to all of us, friends and family. She had a great sense of humor and took up a lot of the couch and bed. She loved a good frowze of her shaggy face, and nobody liked those bellyrubs better.
    We loved her–her grandogparents

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