Book Links: Library Thing and Book Wormz

A few book related sites to direct you to:

1) If you are a book fiend like myself and haven’t heard of LibraryThing yet, get yourself over to the site and get to work! Here you can create an entire catalog of your books, pull in records from all over the place, add tags, share libraries, etc. Now, you’d think that by touting this site I’m ready to proudly proclaim that all of my 1,000 or so books have been fully cataloged and are available for your purusing pleasure, but I’m lazy, so I only have a few in so far. It seems to go pretty quickly though, so I’ll continue to add as I have time… My profile is under agrotke, by the way.

2) Just learned about this one today — a directory of independent booksellers called Book Wormz. Keep the independents alive!