Playing House

I’m back from my vacation/wedding/book signings trip! I’ve actually been back since Sunday but this first post-trip week back at work has been a killer. I’m zonked. I promise to post more about my adventures in New England in the next few days. You’ll be happy to hear that I found some great books in New Bedford, but alas they are in my mom’s van — I came home on the train and they were too heavy to lug back — so I can’t share the titles until I retrieve them.

Anyway, while I continue to gather my thoughts and settle back to normal life, here’s a resource featuring digitized homemaking manuals for young girls from the 1877 to the 1930s, brought to you by University of Wisconsin Digital Collections:
Playing House: Homemaking for Children.

I’ve had a good time browsing the collection so far. Perhaps you all would like to teach your little ones to sing the ironing song, from Mabel Louise Keech’s Training the Little Home Maker, by Kindergarden Methods (1912)? What fun!