New Dog!

I’ve been posting less recently because
A) I’ve been pretty sick the last week or so with a nasty sinus thing and
B) In the middle of being sick with the nasty sinus thing I adopted a new dog!

Felix, my other terrier mutt, is still in a bit of shock, as am I, but we’re all settling into life with Lulu (she’s a bit of a lunatic so loony Lulu became her name). She’s two according to the shelter but acts more like a puppy in a lot of ways. We have a trainer coming on Tuesday night to help us sort out some “problem areas.” But all-in-all she’s a great pup. My mom was here for less than 24 hours last night and today, and taught Lulu to sit and to do paw! Good girl!

Here’s a shot of Lulu and Felix playing…

By the way, the Playboy interview was a lot fun yesterday. I read a bunch from the books and talked about sex advice from the past. Even attempted to help two callers to the show. Thanks to Tiffany, my host, who plugged the book and website quite a bit. And welcome any listeners from the show!