Valentine’s Day LibraryThing Book Pile

LibraryThing (where I am slowly cataloging my book collection) is having another book pile contest, and this time we’re invited to submit a Valentine’s Day pile, among other topics. How could I resist?

Here’s my entry:

For those of you curious about the books I used, here they are top to bottom:
~Love’s Coming of Age, 1911
~Unmarried Love, 1965
~Love and the Facts of Life, 1967
~The Philosophy of Love, 1923
~How to Keep Romance in Your Marriage, 1954
~Married Love, 1927
~The Art of Loving, 1956
~Facts of Life for Love and Teenagers, 1956 (oops, essentially a dupe of Love and the Facts of Life, above)
~How to be Happy While Single, 1949
~Every Girl is Entitled to a Husband, 1963
~The Doctor Looks at Love and Life, 1929
~How to Pick a Mate, 1946
~Secrets of Love and Marriage, 1933
~How to Pick Up Girls!, 1970
~The Power to Love, 1957
~Encyclopedia of Love and Sex, 1972