Newest Old Books

I’ve got a few new additions to the collection this month, thanks to the Library of Congress used booksale (oh, don’t worry, they’re not selling off the collections, staff donate books and the sales go to charities), and a visit to the DC Big Flea at Dulles Expo Center (lots of browsing yielded only two pamphlets and a tablecloth — most things were too expensive for my taste!

The Big Flea yielded two books on play and exercise:
*The Modern Drill and Exercise Book
*Play Safe with the Games We Love

I got some great things at the LC sale, including, dig this — the far-out Sex, Sex, Sex, which is from 1969, written by Christian husband and wife team Marcena and Trevor Wyatt Moore, who according to the back of the book, had been “practicing matrimony” for 25 years before writing this masterpiece. They “acquired, mysteriously enough, a clutch of nine children…” One rave review of the book from Father Robert F. Capon, author of Bed and Board, states: “Delightful. Whimsical. Hip. But solid. Square with round corners.” That pretty much sums it up. Typography and graphics are used to engage the reader into thinking the book is hipper than it is. I was going to scan some pages in, but I’ve just discovered that my Adobe Photoshop Elements isn’t working with the latest Mac OS (at least on my machine), so I need to figure that out before I can get some images posted for you. Sorry!

In the meantime, you can peruse all of the new books here.

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  1. Thanks pigtown-design – i LOVE the book thing. know it well. too well! I actually forgot to post my recent finds from there – will do so this week I hope. I try to get up there about once every few months. it is addictive! and as you probably are aware, I too love the Homemaker’s encyclopedia. Looks like you’ve got a similar collection to mine from this series! Thanks for writing in…

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