Update on Sears Charm School

In case you missed it in the comments of this earlier post about the Sears Charm School, reader Stacye just sent along a great link to a recording of “interview” about the Sears School for Young Charmers from 1967…listen to it here.

They mention a tote bag to “carry your shoes” (heels), and anything else they might need to bring to class, a basic make-up kit, charm bracelet when they graduate (They have a party!), and the booklet (maybe that’s the one our original Sears graduate was looking for) which “they can refer to at any time.” The Charm school representatives say their students can come back at any time after their course for additional help, I guess.

Sounds like such fun! 🙂

One thought to “Update on Sears Charm School”

  1. I was not as privileged as my sister, Carole, who was enrolled at the Silver Spring Maryland Sears Charm School in the early 1970’s. I used to sit with her Charm School Manual and read about the importance of good “foundation garments” and about the crucial need to have 2 toothbrushes so “one has time to dry!”

    I LOVED that she had to go there!!!
    I have a Sears Charm School ad on my blog sidebar because I still get a kick out of it….sisterly love.

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