Miss Abigail Officially Endorses…

Barack and Michelle Obama and Joe and Jill Biden! Based strictly not on their policies, of course, or their ability to govern this fine nation, but on some Miss Abigail-related silliness.

Heck, I just like the Obama courting Michelle story. Michelle fell hard, but not at first. Perhaps she was reading The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Manhunting and wanted to be sure she had the right guy. And I know some people were put off by their fist bump, but I found it endearing.

Obama’s VP pick, Biden, passionately caring for his kids after his first wife and daughter die in a tragic car accident. And then had a date with former-model-then-teacher Jill by chance after spotting her in a newspaper ad. They went on to marry and have a daughter, and build their family together. What’s not to love?

Now the McCains and Palins. Miss Abigail just can’t give a thumbs up on all that’s gone on there. I know McCain’s first wife forgave him for his affair with Cindy (and the eventual demise of their marriage), but I don’t know, seems a bit disgraceful to me. Although you have to give props to McCain for hanging onto a woman 17 years younger. Perhaps he has read Sex till Seventy… and After, by Franz Halda.

Miss Abigail really is having a hard time with the Palins. My goodness. So much to worry about there, particularly with her now-famously pregnant daughter. First of all, I’d recommend that the whole family read What About Teen-Age Marriage by Jeanne Sakol, particularly the chapter on “Babies–they’re not dolls.” Or perhaps they should have read, maybe a few years ago, Facts of Life and Love for Teen-Agers by Evelyn Mllis Duvall. That might have helped fend off some of their current problems. I guess there is still time to seek out assistance. There’s always Dr. Spock to lean on in troubling times.

So that’s my official fluffy endorsement. Too late to make it on Meet the Press, but maybe it will be enough to tip the election this week. After all, you never know what the undecideds are waiting for to make their decision.