Birthday Chats with Tomorrow’s Man – a little family history

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I recently had the pleasure of hearing from a woman named Robin, the granddaughter of Louis Le Claire Jones, author of the 1940 Birthday Chats with Tomorrow’s Man. She had done a Google search after finding a photocopy of her grandfather’s book and stumbled across this site. She writes “I’ve known for years that he had created this book for his sons Bob, Dick and Bill Jones (Bob was my Dad. Dick and Billy were my Uncles)… I never got to meet either of my Father’s folks. Daisy, his Mom, died while the sons were fairly young, and Louis died a few years before I was born in 1948. I can only assume that the dedication in the front of the book is referring to her….” She told me that he was a musician, as was Daisy. The book is illustrated with some cartoons, and we both wonder if Louis created these (she thinks he might have). She goes on to report: “Here is a fun bit of info for you: beneath the printer’s name in the front of the book, you will see Distributors: Richards and Williams 112 S. Scoville Ave, Oak Park, IL. Richard and William were my Dad’s younger brothers, and 112 S. Scoville is where they grew up!! I think Louis had a sense of humor.”

To get a taste of some of her grandfather’s advice, visit Tips for the Turned Down and The Nerve!

Thank you, Robin, for sharing this wonderful information! I love to hear from the families of authors of my books; if there are others of you out there, please get in touch.