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Miss Abigail has a collection of over 1,000 classic advice books, spanning from 1822 to 1978 and covering a variety of topics, from love and romance to etiquette and charm. The collection sparked the idea for this site, then a book, Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage, which has inspired an off-broadway production of the same name!



“If you’re looking for old-fashioned relationship advice . . . Miss Abigail is your gal.”
– The Washington Post

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Miss Abigail's News and Advice

September 21, 2014

Sears Discovery Course: Chapter on Manners (1972)

There’s been renewed interest lately from readers of this site in the Sears Discovery Charm School courses that were available in the 1960s and 1970s; I’ve written about this before on the site, which is likely leading searchers to find their way to Miss Abigail. A fan and attendee of the course recently wrote to say she…  >>Read the Rest…

February 19, 2013

Antique Vibrator Collection

Miss Abigail has a little thing, I guess you could say, about antique vibrators. Don’t get any wild ideas ~ it’s nothing dirty (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) ~  I just love the packaging on those old boxes, trying so carefully to talk about the health benefits of use and the calming effect their…  >>Read the Rest…

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! I thought I’d share with you some recent finds from a shopping trip I took in Austin, Texas, with my budding antique-loving 10 year old niece, Olivia. We had a grand day shopping at Uncommon Objects. She scored a great mechanical pencil and a cute little painted wooden bug, plus…  >>Read the Rest…

January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been bringing in the New Year by cleaning up my office, straightening my bookshelves and weeding out some duplicate copies of books. I plan to do some giveaways over the next few months to pass the extra copies along to others who might enjoy. Stay tuned here and on my…  >>Read the Rest…

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