1933: The Question of Nudism

Here is a little insight to how I pick the classic advice quotes to share with you. It is incredibly scientific and thought out process, as you shall see.

This week, in the Washington, D.C. area, we hit 90+ degrees for a few days straight, sending shockwaves into our gardens and bodies ~ after all, it was only a mere two months ago when a few feet of snow blanketed this region.

So I think, “Oh, it’s stinkin’ hot out, let me find a quote on perspiration or dressing in cooler weather, to share with my lovely readers.” I poke around in some beauty and health books, and find something that was okay, but a little long to type. So I keep looking, and instead come across this paragraph in a book called The Truth About Beauty, written in 1933 by J. Howard Crum. This seemed way more fun than perspiration. It’s sort of related to the heat (ie. stripping off your clothes to get some relief), wouldn’t you agree?

The question of nudism may be in the minds of some of our readers. As a therapeutic agent we believe in it, but as a beautifying agent it has little to recommend it. We believe that nudism is bound to increase when the public adopts a more lenient attitude toward it. Ten years ago one would have been promptly arrested for appearing on the beach in a suit that might be considered modest today. Personally, we think hoop-skirts and pantalettes about the most immodest clothing women ever had to endure. We wish it were possible for us to spend a month every year in a nudist camp, for we know it would do us untold good and fill us with an energy and vitality that are almost impossible to gain in any other way. We have not had the opportunity of really living the nudist life, owing to lack of opportunity and possibly to false modesty; but we do believe in it ~ and who can tell what we may be doing ten years hence?

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