The Business of Getting Well

All this talk about the downright rude behavior of our politicians debating the health care bill has me feeling ill! Makes me wish Bernarr MacFadden’s International Health Resort was still around. I found this little undated pamphlet in my pile of “flat things” while looking for a book jacket for something else. It has some wonderful answers to the questions “why should I go way from home for treatment?” when one gets sick, and the reasons why you might want to visit his particular health resort, such as: “You will enjoy a complete change of scene – new places and new faces exert a wonderfully improving influence upon people who are sick.” And, “You will have the daily services – not of one physician, but of many specialists,each of whom will study your case in detail.” Or this one, which sounds like a lovely little vacation: “You will enjoy your stay here. Interesting health talks, musical concerts, refreshing games and drills in the big gymnasium; the association with cultured men and women, interested like yourself in regaining health, will make every day of your stay pleasant and congenial.”

Scans of the entire four-page pamphlet are posted over my Flickr account for your reading pleasure.

This reminded me also that I still need to read a bio about MacFadden. I said I was going to awhile back but never did. Bad me! I just ordered it. The author’s website has a ton more information about him, as does this site.