Your Teeth, Keys to Beauty

your teeth decideThis weekend, while you all are out having a grand old time, I’ll be getting all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. With this obviously on my mind, I located the following tidbit from Gayelord Hauser’s Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. I’m certainly not going to turn down any painkillers on Saturday, but it sure does make me feel better about getting those teeth pulled.

1960: Your Teeth, Keys to Beauty

Your teeth can make or destroy your beauty. They are your keys to beauty, not only of your face but of your whole person. Let me tell you why.

Look in your mirror. Smile! A smile lights up the face like the sun breaking through clouds. Does your smile do that? Or is it dimmed by teeth that are not white, strong and healthy?

Study the contour of your face, the curve of your cheeks, jawline, chin. Your teeth decide what that contour will be. They are the architectural framework, the foundation upon which the chin, the lips and the mouth, the cheeks are dependent. The teeth can make the lower half of the face beautiful or ugly. They determine the proportions of the face from brow to jaw. The even influence the shape of the nose! Many a nose looks too long, not because it is too long, but because uneven or unfortunately positioned teeth make the distance from nose to chin too short. Many women think they need a face-life, when what they need is repair and reconstruction of their teeth.

And now look at your eyes, your skin, your figure. If they please you ~ if your skin is smooth, your eyes bright, your figure trim ~ a good part of the credit must go to your teeth!

It is your teeth that have prepared the food for your good digestion. They have ground it and mixed it and made it ready for the wonderful chemistry of your digestive system. Your good teeth have begun the work of turning nutrients into the materials of beauty. Without strong, healthy teeth, very often the sad results are indigestion, constipation, and the other digestive ills with all their unfortunate effects on your looks.

For your beauty’s sake, have these keys to your beauty looked over and cleaned frequently; take good care of your teeth.

Source: Hauser, Gayelord. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Invitation to Beauty. New York: Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, 1960.
~ pp. 194-95 ~