Your One-Night-A-Week Beauty Routine

give yourself the tired-eye treatmentI just couldn’t resist the opportunity to provide you with more tips from The Handbook of Beauty. I skipped over the more general “Nighttime Beauty Routine” to bring you these once-a-week suggestions.

I apologize for not being able to include all of the chapters that are referenced in the list below, but I think you can perform the routine without more specific instructions. And by the way, I’ve decided to set aside Tuesdays for my special night. How about you?

1955: Your One-Night-A-Week Beauty Routine
(for both housewives and working girls)

Set aside one evening a week ~ whichever is most convenient, but try to make it the same night every week to fix the habit firmly ~ to do the following beauty chores that don’t have to be done more often. Start after dinner. Give yourself plenty of time (at least two hours). Try to avoid interruptions by your family or by friends on the phone.

I’m going to suggest the order in which you can do all these beauty chores. But if you prefer, rearrange the order to suit your own particular tastes. Just make sure you do all the steps listed for a complete feeling of achievement on the road to beauty.

1. Get into the most comfortable old robe you have.

2. IF you have make-up on, remove all traces.

3. Thoroughly cleanse your face (see chapter on skin).

4. Give yourself the tired-eye treatment (see chapter on eyes).

5. Sit in front of a mirror and, for about 15 minutes, experiment with new make-up purchases and new ways of applying your old make-up (see chapter on make-up).

6. Remove all traces of this make-up but keep on the final application of cream you’ve used to remove it.

7. Do five minutes of facial massage (see chapter on skin).

8. Apply facial mask.

9. While mask is still on, remove old nail polish.

10. Do all steps of your manicure up to but not including the new polish application (see chapter on hands).

11. Remove facial mask.

12. Give yourself the tired-foot treatment (see chapter on feet).

13. Start your pedicure. Do all the steps up to but not including the new polish application, if any (see chapter on feet).

14. Exercise for 15 minutes (see chapter on exercises).

15. Brush hair at least 100 strokes.

16. Shampoo hair (see chapter on hair).

17. Set hair (see chapter on hair).

18. Take a warm “luxury” bath (see chapter on baths).

19. Apply anti-perspirant to underarms (if you use it).

20. Apply toilet water, cologne, or body lotion all over yourself.

21. Finish off with talcum or dusting powder (not, however, if you’ve used body lotion).

22. Apply polish to toenails.

23. While they’re drying, apply polish to fingernails.

24. When fingernails are dry, weigh and measure yourself. Record results on Pages 315 and 316 of this book.

25. Apply emollient cream to area around eyes.

26. IF skin is dry, leave a thin film of the cream all over your face for overnight. If skin is half-and-half, leave a thin film of the cream on dry patches for overnight.

27. Wash and thoroughly dry hands; push back cuticles.

28. Apply hand lotion or cream.

29. Get into bed and lights out.

In addition to the above routine, set aside a shorter time on an evening about three nights later to do the following:

1. Repair manicure.

2. Give your hair a between-shampoo cleansing (see chapter on hair).

3. IF you’re over thirty, give yourself a 5-minute facial (see chapter on skin).

4. Check up on your make-up equipment. Wash sponges, puffs, and brushes in soapy warm water.

5. Apply anti-perspirant to your underarms if you perspire profusely as a rule.

Source: Hart, Constance. The Handbook of Beauty. New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1955.
~ pp. 297-99 ~