Looking for Glove Etiquette or Info on the Sears Discovery Charm School?

With the site redesign, I had to completely redo how my old advice pages were displaying. They are now all blog posts.

Two popular posts from the old site are now in new locations. If you are looking for glove etiquette, it’s here: https://www.missabigail.com/advice/beauty-and-charm/2010/08/glove-etiquette/

And the one on the Sears charm school is here: https://www.missabigail.com/news/2008/01/sears-discovery-charm-school-ring-any-bells/

If you tried to post any comments since April to the charm school, I couldn’t transition them over to the new site unfortunately. Feel free to post again!

The search box works really well, as does the tag cloud into the advice, but if you’re having trouble finding something else you enjoyed from the old version of the site let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

-Miss Abigail