First Valentine to the Boy Wins!

the unexpected can be amusingQ Dear Miss Abigail:

Please help! There is this girl that I know who likes this boy that I also like. This Valentine’s Day I’m getting ready to tell him in his Valentine this, “I like you, will you be my Valentine?” Should I or should I not? I want to get my Valentine to him before she does so that I can be his girlfriend. What should I do about the Valentine problem?


A Dear Clueless:

I think if you spend a little time making a really super duper creative Valentine that says exactly what you feel, it doesn’t matter if your card is first or second to arrive in his locker. Just remain optimistic, and be enthusiastic about your next move, as this quote from¬†Charm and Poise for Getting Ahead explains in a section describing how women can become popular. I’m sure that your boy will be very impressed with your efforts, and will choose you over that other girl any old day.

1967: Popularity, for Women

Be Enthusiastic. Life attracts life. Your enthusiasm will go out from you in ever widening circles to enchant those who come within its seductive power. Enliven your relationships by bringing in fresh fuel to the fire. If your social contacts have grown stale, introduce new and fascinating subjects. Plan new activities. Create an atmosphere of merriment. The unexpected can be amusing. Dress your days with gaiety so that later when you take them out of the closet of memories you can say, ‘This one was fun to wear.’

Be Optimistic. You only have to look at a small lichen clinging to a precipice to realize that life goes on under the most difficult circumstances. Everywhere you can see the marvelous manifestations of life’s goodness and abundance. There is enough love, beauty, harmony, for everyone. If you cut your finger, immediately all the forces of your body are brought into action to heal your finger and make it all well again. Mother Nature has given you many defenses against the onslaughts of outrageous fortune. She is not discouraged. She never says, ‘What’s the use.’ She obeys the laws of her being and is ever optimistic. We should not be less. To abandon ourselves to hopelessness is going against all the rules of Life.

Source: Ruth Tolman. Charm and Poise for Getting Ahead. Milady Publishing Co., 1967
~ p. 228 ~