What Do Those Boys Talk About?

it sure does buck me upThe premise in For Boys Only is that Dr. Frank Howard Richardson has been tasked with explaining “what happens to you, now that you are changing from a boy to a man. It explains how and why girls and women are different from boys and men. It helps you to understand why it is that you feel and act the way you do, sometimes. It makes it easier for you to get along with girls, and other fellows, and Dad.”

I stumbled across it when looking for the answer to another question, and just had to share it with you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this little conversation, which just happens to take place on a boat.

1952: What Do Those Boys Talk About?

“Do you know, Doc, that’s exactly what was eating on me the other night, when I was out with those older guys and got myself into the spot I was so tense about when I came to your office. I didn’t really want to have anything to do with that skirt. As a matter of fact, she was actually sort of disgusting to me. But I didn’t want the others to think there was anything wrong with me, or that I was ‘queer,’ or that I couldn’t rate with the rest of them.

“So I just went ahead and acted like a fool. And all I got out of what I see now was just a fool stunt was several days of sure-enough mental hell, before you told me I hadn’t caught any disease but was just imagining things. A dollar will get you five that I won’t be that sort of a come-on again,” and Bill slid back down on the bottom of the boat with a sigh of relief at the mere recollection of his escape from his little private Hades.

“I hate ‘dating,'” volunteered Jack, hesitantly. “But it sure does buck me up, to have the other fellows hear girls I’ve been around with say I’ve got a cute line, or that I’m not peasant for a tot my size. It really builds me,” and Jack, who had been listening in silence up until now, stuck out his chin with a pleased expression of self-satisfaction at what he considered his “sharp” vocabulary, then added:

“But I sure straighten up and die when a deep-pocket wipes me just because he has a big car.”

“Deflate, hub cap. Stop acting so sophisticated, and talk plain American,” and Harry shoved the subdued Jack over on the thwart with his elbow, then remarked thoughtfully: “I wonder if you can’t help me with something else that’s bothering me ~ ”

“Maybe, so, Harry. But first, Jack, get for’ard and cut up some of that bait; and break out the fishing tackle, will you Bill? And for Pete’s sake, Harry, give me a crack at that wheel! I brought you loafers along to act as a crew, not for a lot of passengers to keep me from having a little bit of fun myself with my own ship. Get going, sailor,” and the doctor pushed Harry to one side, took over the wheel, and gave her the gun.

Source: Richardson, Frank Howard. For Boys Only: The Doctor Discuss the Mysteries of Manhood. New York: David McKay Company, Inc., 1952 (reprinted 1970).
~ pp. 74-75 ~