Color Me Offended

an indication of your personalityQ Dear Miss Abigail:

What the hell kind of logic is this “understanding and dating boys” [four-letter expletive beginning with sh and ending with t, deleted by the hostess so the children can keep reading]? Not everyone that is female enjoys the color pink. In fact, some prefer black. Assuming that girls like dresses and avoid tomboyishness is to show a sexist perception of the female gender. Thus placing girls and boys in stereotypical roles. What kind of help is a website designed to assist females in understanding males when the site generalizes a female view, eliminating the diversity of female emotions restricting any chance of helping females with male problems? Some females seek a relationship based upon mental and emotional interdependence. Why don’t you try to address issues that don’t involve “what to wear or say to make him love you” or “how to win him over” as considering true love would not need to alter in order to receive love. Thank you for making the female race sound like a gang of hopeless romantics, solely driven by a boy’s possibility for affection, and concerned with nothing more than thoughts of “how can I change myself to make him like me” or “what would HE like” opposed to what I would like. Not ALL of us are preoccupied with forgetting ourselves just to make a male happy, and we all don’t suffer from deluding ourselves from succeeding in obtaining unattainable goals at the end of our tunnel.

Two broad-minded individual strong-headed college gals

A Dear Gals:

Well, if you hate my site that much, you don’t have to visit it. It’s a big Internet out there ~ I wouldn’t be offended, really. But in my defense, I think you might want to read my About page to see what I’m actually doing here. And see another question, in which I tell the young lady to stay true to herself. Doesn’t that count?

Now onto the offensive, pointless advice geared toward leading young ladies astray. Here’s a little something from the 1929 book Lovely Ladies regarding one’s knowledge of one’s color. After reading a bit more of the chapter (too long to include here), I realized that yes ~ I am truly a PINK girl!

1929: Colors and You

Don’t you think that it is logical, since your life revolves around you, to begin with yourself? You see, you also have color in yourself ~ in your eyes, hair, and skin. These colors you are constantly presenting to the world, and you cannot possibly avoid doing so. Nor should you. You have heard of and seen people to whom the adjective ‘colorless’ has been applied. They are in fact and in personality colorless. If they knew about color what you are going to know, they would not only be colorful (and, what is more, correctly colorful) to others, but to themselves as well. And since there are actual physical and chemical reasons for your coloring, your particular coloring is indeed an indication of your personality.

Source: Dare, Frances. Lovely Ladies: The Art of Being a Woman, Vol. I. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1929.
~ pp. 124-25 ~