Miss Abigail’s (timeless) Holiday Gift Ideas, Vol. III

Trying to figure out what to get that hard-to-shop-for relative? Welcome to the third annual collection of gift ideas, carefully selected from my collection of books. I do hope these ideas will help you in your quest for gift happiness. And now, onto the show!

Mother always loves a sharp knife. How about a new one this year? She’ll love you forever.

a knife for mom!

Is your pop always loosing his pipes? Here’s a handy gift that you can make yourself.

shelf for dad's pipes
shelf for dad's pipes

Any active boy would enjoy some sports equipment such as a bat or a ball. Just make sure that Johnnie knows about traffic safety before you send him out to play after Christmas dinner is done!

a ball for Johnnie

I hear rock n’ roll records are the hot new item for young ladies in the family. Don’t worry, mom ~ those crazy lyrics won’t corrupt her. She just wants to dance!

a record for sis

Grandpop will absolutely delight in a new bedpan. How could he not enjoy such a thoughtful gift?

a pan for granddad

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