Miss Abigail’s (timeless) Holiday Gift Ideas, Vol. V

Worried about finding a perfect gift for your hard-to-shop-for relative? Welcome to the fifth annual collection of Miss Abigail’s gift ideas. This year I offer a lovely selection of items that I’m sure those on your list will just adore. Trust me.

Dad sure loves to cook those burgers. How about this handy “portable electric range” to make him forget about the grill? (1970)

What baby doesn’t love a metal tub? You tell me! (1924)

When baking sheetcakes for your elderly relatives or neighbors, be sure to size the pan correctly, or trouble might ensue. (1965)

Sis always feels special in a new set of spectacles. Mom, Dad, why not treat her to a new look?(1952)

Hmm… what does mom want? A new set of dishes? A toaster oven? A vacuum cleaner? No, silly. She wants CASH! (1947)