Miss Abigail’s (timeless) Holiday Gift Ideas, Vol. VI

Happy Holidays, everybody! Welcome to the sixth edition of Miss Abigail’s Gift Ideas. Having trouble finding that perfect present? Never fear, I’m here to help with your last minute shopping. There’s something here for the whole family! Now onto the presentation:

What mother doesn’t love a new vacuum? I’m sure the local department store is having a sale on this exciting new model. Run out and grab one today. (1965)

mom's vacuum

Little Johnny needs a new mallet so he can learn how to properly fix his bike. Make sure you get him the only the finest, and be sure to teach him how to use it safely. (1914)

Daddy always loves gadgets for the outdoors. How about these ideas for when he takes a turn at cooking? That adjustable grill doesn’t look too hard to assemble ~ I’m sure you can build it by Christmas. (1939)

Perhaps you can convince grandpa to assemble this exciting swing for little sister in the basement or attic. Won’t she be delighted! I know I would be. (1896)

Uh oh, you forget to get your baby sister Adelaide something! You better get shopping ~ and fast! I don’t think she’ll care what it is. (1937)

2 thoughts to “Miss Abigail’s (timeless) Holiday Gift Ideas, Vol. VI”

  1. Hi! I was just curious if you could tell me what type of vacuum cleaner that was under the “Miss Abigail’s (timeless) Holiday Gift Ideas, Vol. VI” heading. I never saw a power nozzle quite like that on a canister before, even when I was a kid in the mid-70s.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. You know, I’m not sure! I’ll see if I can dig up the book it was in and look at it more closely.

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