1956: Are you in the know?

I’ve been meaning to share this with you for some time, and finally had a moment to spare to scan in some photos that I know you’ll just love. A little pamphlet titled Are you in the know? was given to me by my sweetie a few months back. Here’s how part of the introduction reads:

“Want to make a fast exit from the department of utter confusion — about fashions, grooming, etiquette — poise and boys? That’s why this booklet was born. To help you over the hump — to that super-smooth dream cloud reserved for schoolebrities in the know.”

Kimberly-Clark Corporation, of Kleenex and Kotex fame, were the publishers of this handy gem. The booklet accompanied an ad campaign, which is described over at the Museum of Menstruation.

For your giggling pleasure, I’ve scanned a few favorite pages in… click on them for a larger image.

If you like this, you’ll enjoy my friend Lynn Peril’s essay from years ago called Growing Up and Liking It, also posted at the MUM site.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!