Diet to Increase Flesh

with cream and sugarNo wonder I’ve haven’t been losing any weight! I think I’ve mistakenly been on this “increase flesh” diet from Mary Ries Melendy’s book titled Vivilore. Drat.

1904: Diet to Increase Flesh

Thin, nervous people, and all who wish to increase in flesh, may like to know that a dessert spoonful of olive oil, taken before each meal with a half glass of grape juice, is decidedly fattening. So is pure milk, especially new milk with the cream still on it. Or, a raw egg taken at night, with a dash of pepper, salt and lemon juice. Here is a list of foods which are suitable:

Bread. ~ Entire wheat bread, gluten bread.
Milk. ~ Cream, buttermilk, ice cream.
Graham mush, oatmeal mush with cream and sugar.
Soups. ~ Of all kinds, eaten hot at the beginning of a meal, seasoned with plenty of celery, onions or parsley.
Puddings. ~ Light pudding, farina, rice, tapioca, cornstarch, sago, with cream and sugar.
Fruits. ~ Of all kinds. Eaten with sugar.
All liquids except the soup should be drunk between meals. Drink plenty of good water without ice. Eat slowly, moderate quantities.
Vegetables. ~ Spinach, peas, beans, baked potatoes, lettuce with olive oil and lemon juice.
Meats. ~ Mutton, beef, chicken, oysters, fish, eggs.
Coffee and Teas. ~ Sparingly. Chocolate.

This regimen should soon cause the hollows to fill out and the rounded curves to make their appearance.

Source: Melendy, Dr. Mary Ries. Vivilore: The Pathway to Mental and Physical Perfection. Chicago: W. R. Vansant, 1904.
~ p. 105 ~