Importance of Breathing

Nature gave you a noseYou may be asking, why does Miss Abigail keep writing about health issues? Is she obsessed? Well, yes, but that’s another story. Heck, maybe I feel like protecting you lovely readers from the evils of the world, in my own little way. So here you have it: another tip to help you make it through the day. It’s from How to Secure a Beautiful Complexion and Beautiful Eyes.

1911: Importance of Breathing

Do not breathe through the mouth; this is one of the offices for which Nature gave you a nose. If the cold air is breathed in through the mouth, it chills and partly paralyses the delicate vessels of the lungs, as well as carrying with it directly into these vessels, the dust with which the air is laden. By breathing through the nose, this dust is filtered out and the air raised to the temperature of the body before it reaches the lungs.

Remember that the air you breathe contains all the elements of life. To breathe correctly will increase the length of your life and increase your vitality, thereby enabling you to throw off disease, and giving you a clear and brilliant complexion, while improper breathing weakens your vitality and your resistance to disease, impoverishes the blood, ruins the complexion and shortens the term of life.

Source: Clarke, James J. How to Secure a Beautiful Complexion and Beautiful Eyes. Chicago: Advanced Thought Publishing, 1911.
~ pp. 41-42 ~