Ideal Love

love is beatiful and terribleIt might just be the weather, but I think that love is in the air! We are all searching for it . . .

1923: Ideal Love

Being in love is merely a physical state of exaltation; loving is the merging of the spirit which at its white heat has glorified the physical instinct for re-creating into a godlike beatitude of earth. Loving throbs with delight in the flesh; it thrills the spirit with reverence; it glorifies into beauty commonplace things; it draws nearer in sickness and sorrow, and is not the sport of change. When a woman loves truly she has the passion of the mistress, the selfless tenderness of the mother, the dignity and devotion of the wife. She is all fire and snow, all wile and frankness, all passion and reserve; she is authoritative and obedient ~ Queen and Child.

And a man ceases to be a brute, and becomes a God!

Love is beautiful and terrible ~ and vital. It gilds dark places, and turns stones into jewels. It is tender enough to be of the Angels, and warm enough to be of the Sun. Love is tangible. It means to be close ~ close ~ to be clasped ~ to be touching ~ to be One!

Of all the emotions which Human beings feel, love is the most divine.

It is the vital spark which makes Life, it is the expression of the soul. The lowest creatures, the worst characters, are raised when they love ~ because for the time it holds them under its sway they cease to be utterly selfish. Love is Nature’s glorious manifestation of the unconscious desire to re-create love’s likeness. It invests the mere animal instinct for species-preservation with all the beauties of the imagination. It is an essence beyond our sight, or hearing, or touch, which uplifts us.

Source: Glyn, Elinor. The Philosophy of Love. Auburn, N.Y.: The Authors’ Press, 1923.
~ pp. 11-12 ~