1962: It’s a Boy!

My sister and her husband welcomed a bouncing baby boy to the world today. He was born a bit early, but thankfully everything seems to be fine and hopefully he’ll get to go home soon. With two little girls already in the house, the family might want to read up on W. Cleon Skousen’s So You Want to Raise a Boy?, which was published in 1962, for some pointers. Here’s a little something from that book to welcome my new nephew!

A Mother’s Love
From the moment a mother first cuddles her baby boy in her arms the ingredients of love are being nourished. Love is a two-way street which requires assurances of affection from both mother and son. Within days after a baby is born he looks up at this wonderful creature who cuddles and coos at him and wrinkles his face into a dimpled grin to show his appreciation. Actually, his eyes cannot distinguish too much detail as yet and a psychology lab researcher may say it is only a gas pain, but a mother knows that her baby’s smile came from his soul and was meant just for her.

Everyone say “awww”…