These are questions I’d like to understand

Did you know that…

“Many boys and girls have real difficulty in understanding one another’s actions and attitudes when it comes to the subject of sex. Below are some comments that illustrate this point:

Alvin ~ Why do girls where such scanty clothing? They wear only halters, or they go swimming with practically nothing on. Then they are sore – or pretend to be – when boys make passes at them.

Bertha ~ Why do boys so often want to tell girls a sex joke? Is it because their minds are on the subject all the time, or is it that they are trying to see how far the girl will go?

Charlene ~ What does a boy get out of petting? I can’t see anything in it.

Jerry ~ How far to go is a real problem. Does a girl want you to kiss on the first date? How far beyond that should one go? Should the boy respond right away if the girl leads him on? These are questions I’d like to understand. “

Don’t worry Jerry, these answers and more are available in one of the latest books to hit Miss Abigail’s bookshelf, called Understanding the Other Sex. It was written in 1956 by William C. Menninger, M.D. and I found it at the Book Thing in Baltimore. My latest trip earlier this month scored me a few other good books for the collection, found here.