Hello from London!

I’m writing from London, here this week for a work conference and meetings at the British Library. Today’s my one free day off, so the musician and I are about to head out for a canal ride and market browsing, and maybe some other low-key sightseeing. I’ve been here before, once in high school (when I happened to end up in Harrods at the moment when it was bombed), and a few years back, when I had a column (keep reading on page 2 and 3) in the London Times Saturday magazine, I met my editor for lunch as I was heading through town to Scotland.

Anyway, it’s fun to be back although London (at least the street that the British Library is on), is quite busy, a bit overwhelming. I guess I’ve gotten used to the slower pace of D.C.

We’ve decided to avoid temptation and not travel over to Rochester where there’s apparently a fabulous used bookshop. A fan from the U.K. inquiring about Emily Post’s publishing history just turned me on to it but I’m afraid I’d end up carrying too many books home on the plane!

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