Thank You for the Nookie, Honey

so full of joy and gratitudeQ Dear Miss Abigail:

Is it appropriate to say “Thank you” after you’ve had sex? How does the male perceive this?


A Dear Mary:

I suppose it depends on the male, but if he’s given you “a wonderful time” it’s only natural that you would thank him for it. I’m sure he’ll be pleased. Author Robert H. Loeb, Jr., reminds us how to behave in his book Manners for Minors.

1964: Thank You

If your Uncle Joe gave you a pony, or a horse, or a real motor scooter, your mom or dad would not have to remind you to say thank you. They wouldn’t even have to tell you how to thank him. You’d be so full of joy and gratitude that the words would tumble out. Or, if your Aunty Sally took you to a movie you had been dying to see, or handed you a five-dollar bill you would feel the same way. Saying thank you when you get something unusual, or when someone has given you a wonderful time, is the natural thing to do.

Source: Loeb, Robert H. Manners for Minors. New York: Association Press, 1964.
~ pp. 69-70 ~